Psyconsult’s pricing policy is one of clarity and transparency. When a client requirement exactly matches the menu choice, pricing will be as shown. However, it may be necessary to charge extra fees in some circumstances.

The following indicates when extra charges may apply:

Materials   Travel & Subsistence
Psyconsult associates will use the assessment tools that best meet client requirements. Where these are Psytech assessments, no further costs will be incurred unless the client requires an unusual or exceptional level of assessment per respondent. If it is necessary to purchase third party assessment materials, such costs could be passed on to the client.   In general, an associate will be considered ‘local’ and thus no costs involved, if the client’s site is within 50 miles or 1 hour travelling time. It is anticipated that assignments will be placed with associates in the client’s area. Occasionally, perhaps because of a specialist requirement, it may be necessary to place an assignment with an associate some distance from the client. If this is the case the client will be consulted, and actual costs of travel, and any subsistence will be passed on to them.

This list is not intended to be exclusive only indicative; some assignments may incur unforeseen additional costs. However, the charge to the client will always be clearly stated at the time of booking a service and before a service is delivered.