For key individuals we offer a choice of individual assessment programmes. In each case, an experienced assessor will be present to administer the assessment procedure at our premises or yours. Immediate feedback will be provided thus avoiding a second meeting. This will concentrate on those relative strengths and weaknesses identified by the assessment and will aim to highlight those patterns of behaviour which were identified as relevant to job performance.

Whatever the format of the individual assessment, a detailed report (in non-technical language) will be compiled within the agreed timescales.

1   Basic Screening Assessment for ONE respondent  
    Adminster measures to single respondent with computer generated reporting only £150
2   Half Day Assessment  
    Focussed more specifically on selection and promotion, this involves a specification of the role requirements and objectives of the job leading to an identification of those personal traits, aptitudes and competencies that are likely to contribute to successful performance. Working with the decision-makers, we will agree a battery of assessment techniques and the focus and format of the final report. £400
3   Full Day Assessment  
    Although this can be used for selection and promotion, particularly with internal staff, the full day' assessment is designed to assist the incumbent to review his/her career, job performance and aspirations. It attempts to identify any mismatch between personal attributes e.g. personality, skills, values, aspirations etc and either existing or future job demands £600